At FRYD EXTRACTS, our aim is to deliver a unique package of innovation and luxury to cannabis enthusiasts. We strive to make products that are easy to use and effective. At the same time, we innovate and improve, and we never compromise on the top-notch quality and care put into our products. Fryd Extracts is here to push the limits of what is possible, lifting your cannabis experience to a place past your expectations.

Fryd Extracts is one of the fastest vape brands out of California. We specialize in the production of the highest quality disposables. Here at fryd extracts, we believe in pushing the borders and expanding the vaping industry.


The FRYD team is working ever hard to provide even more better quality disposables and better flavors for our loyal customers pleasure. We follow all industry standards and our live resins and liquid diamonds can rival that of any other top disposable brand.